Recycle and Exchange


Send us your empty packaging and earn points to exchange for another Natuker product!


How does it work?


15 points = 1 product (≤15€)

20 points = 1 product (≤20€)

25 points = 1 product (≤25€)

30 points = 1 product (≤30€)

* Not combinable with other promotions. When you have 15 points, send us an email at, with the subject EXCHANGE and we’ll send you a driver to collect the packaging and deliver the selected exchangeable product. The cost of shipping is on us. To be eligible for a exchange, your packaging must be in good condition, damaged packaging or missing parts will not be exchangeable. Valid only in Spain and Portugal (except islands).

Why recycle glass?

Glass is one of the things we throw away most (both industrial and domestic). It’s in bottles, glassware, light bulbs … Furthermore, in glass factories there are lots of defective products which must be recycled.

That glass bottle or that jar that you’ve already used can come back to life with its original properties.

Why recycle bamboo?

Bamboo is an ancient plant that has been part of many cultures throughout history. It continues to be used for manufacturing various tools and items today. Bamboo is very resistant and so it’s the ideal material for any type of climate. In addition, it’s organic and eco-friendly.

Bamboo is biodegradable which means that it doesn’t leave a trace of pollution after it breaks down, but we can choose to reuse it, respecting the environment even more.

When you recycle:


  • You promote more sustainable cities.

  • You help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • It’s a great example of sustainability and circular economy.

  • You avoid the overexploitation of resources and the extraction of raw materials from nature, by reincorporating the waste into the production cycle as a secondary raw material.

  • You stop feeding landfills and prevent waste from being chucked on our streets.

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